Just Wright Lacrosse


Born from a Need, Thriving as a Solution

The Just Wright Lacrosse Story

Our Origins: Just Wright Lacrosse emerged as a direct response to the calls of numerous Northeast Ohio families. Frustrated by the overwhelming pressures and steep financial obligations linked to travel lacrosse, these families yearned for a more balanced and accessible alternative. This marked the inception of our mission – to provide a travel lacrosse experience that resonates with families, aligning with their values and aspirations. From day one, our commitment has been unwavering. We are dedicated to crafting a travel lacrosse journey that speaks to families, embracing a philosophy that is family-friendly, affordable, and genuinely accessible. We recognize that every athlete deserves the chance to thrive in an environment that nurtures growth without straining resources.


More than Lacrosse

Just Wright Lacrosse stands as a beacon of inclusivity and practicality. Our approach transcends the boundaries of lacrosse itself. It's about creating an environment where athletes and their families feel at home, supported, and valued. We believe in a travel lacrosse experience that empowers, rather than overwhelms.

Our Reputation Speaks

Don't just take our word for it. Ask around. Our athletes, families, and community members have first-hand experience of how we've transformed the landscape of travel lacrosse. They'll tell you about our commitment to striking the right balance, about the affordability that doesn't compromise quality, and about the accessibility that welcomes all who have the passion to play.

At Just Wright Lacrosse, we aren't just a program – we're a solution to the challenges families face. We're the embodiment of 'just right' – the equilibrium between ambition and reality, between dreams and practicality. Join us, and experience a travel lacrosse journey that's tailored to you.


Don't take it from us, Listen to our Athletes

Just Wright Lacrosse was founded at the request of several Northeast Ohio families as a response to the stressful demands and costly participation fees associated with travel lacrosse. As a result, we are committed to providing a travel lacrosse experience that’s family-friendly, affordable, and accessible to all athletes. Ask anyone. They’ll tell you how we’re just right for them.

I cannot begin to express my gratitude in your grace and compassion towards me and Juice. He expressed over and over how nice everyone was and how much he learned. He loved the coaches and had such an amazing experience. It is people like you that give me the mustard seed of hope to keep going. Thank you truly from depths of my soul.

- Jill B

I would like to just say Thank You for inviting us to be a part of the team and for the time you both took to coach and invest in the players. G loved being part of the team and playing, he grew as a player and really enjoyed all of the guys on the team. My wife and I were both really impressed with the communication, organization and overall friendliness of everyone involved. I also appreciated that you always provided us with clear and detailed information regarding practice, tournaments and activities. From a coaching standpoint, G told us multiple times how much he enjoyed the both of you and that it was some of the better coaching he has received.

I am looking forward to watching this team grow and contributing to its success. Let us know if you need anything and we are excited to continue with Just Wright Lax.


- Kyle W

Hello -
We thought you and Pat did a wonderful job. Tough when you needed to be, encouraging/uplifting at the right time. We like the family dynamic as many times kids these days don't have the same kind of bond with their teammates as they should, where each team member should have the next one's back even if that guy isn't your favorite person. I didn't hear any of the guys putting the next one down, bullying or picking on anyone (something you also see too often these days). Teaching our young men to respect each other is important in this day and age and I feel like Just Wright Lacrosse influences that nicely.

- Heather W

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Join Just Wright Lacrosse and be a part of a program that believes in the potential of every athlete. Experience an elite travel lacrosse journey that's tailored, inclusive, and affordable – because we believe that every athlete deserves the chance to shine.