Just Wright Lacrosse

Our Mission

Empowering Athletes for Success

Just Wright Lacrosse's Affordable and Inclusive Elite Travel Experience

At Just Wright Lacrosse, our commitment to athlete success drives our elite travel lacrosse program. We offer an experience that strikes the perfect balance – elite level training that's affordable and accessible to athletes from all walks of life. Our approach stands on several pillars

Dedicated Coaching Excellence

Our experienced coaches are passionately committed to the education and development of young lacrosse athletes. With a strong focus on skill enhancement and personal growth, we ensure that each player's potential is nurtured.

Playing Smart, Playing Fast, Having Fun

We believe in more than just skill development. We educate athletes on how to play smart and fast, all while embracing the joy of the game. Our approach ensures that players not only improve but also relish every moment on the field.

Navigating College Recruitment

We understand that aspiring to play at the collegiate level is a dream for many. That's why we guide players through the college recruitment process, providing them with the necessary tools and exposure at tournaments to reach the next level.

Championing Sportsmanship:

Excelling on the field goes hand in hand with exemplary sportsmanship. We encourage our players to uphold the highest standards of sportsmanship both on and off the field, fostering an environment of respect and camaraderie.

Cleveland's Diverse Lacrosse Community

Our teams proudly represent not just Cleveland but also the surrounding communities. We bring together players from various backgrounds, creating a rich and diverse lacrosse family.

Join Just Wright Lacrosse

Join Just Wright Lacrosse and be a part of a program that believes in the potential of every athlete. Experience an elite travel lacrosse journey that's tailored, inclusive, and affordable – because we believe that every athlete deserves the chance to shine.